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About me

Who am I?

Great that you are interested in knowing more about me. My name is Josuël Rogers and I am a  life & executive coach, speaker and podcast host.  I value interpersonal-relationships and my passion lie in helping others become their best selves.

As there is nothing more powerful than truly being yourself.

This is a photograph of Josuël Rogers trainer coach and speaker at the Erasmus bridge

That which drives you is different than that which drives me, and this difference is what makes us valuable to each other. Humanity’s greatest feats have been achieved by individuals coming together and striving towards a better a future.

My belief is that we all possess unique insights that can help others overcome challenges. My insights come from working in various different roles across various industries, ranging from the entertainment industry, to finance at a multinational, to social work. No matter the role or industry what I enjoyed most is ensuring that others achieve the success they envision.

Realising this I decided to focus on coaching and training. Using my analytical skill, creativity, the perspectives gained over the years in combination with NLP, I ensure people such as yourself overcome their challenges. Asking the powerful questions and sharing my knowledge is what I do in order to unlock the full potential of others

But enough about me, I would love to get to know you.

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