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Other Activties

Besides 1 on 1 coaching, there are various activities which fill me with energy

Curious to know what else keeps me busy?

Then have a look below

HipHop Culture Coaching

I am the founder of HipHop Culture Coaching. Hiphop Culture Coaching provides team building workshops and  youth empowerment workshops by combining the world of coaching with the HipHop culture, where the goal is better communication with others but also with yourself in order to maximize results. If you want to provide your colleagues or a group of youth a one of a kind experience then go have a look.


As a trainer and facilitator at 1nspiring I ensure that entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups get the inspiration and fuel needed for possible action and business growth. Get Inspired and take your business to the next level!

Maverick Paradox Magazine

As a writer for the Maverick Paradox Magazine I regularly provide articles on a variety of subjects and thought processes in order to provoke Maverick Leadership and unique thinking. With articles ranging from self-development to leadership all from a creative perspective. Curious?

The HipHop Minded Professional Podcast

As the host of the HipHop Minded Professional Podcast I interview various professionals with a HipHop background. We delve into their current profession as they share career insights and how being a MC (rapper), DJ, Breaker (Dancer), or Graffiti artist positively influenced their mindset.

Due to my various interests and creativity this page is constantly evolving. And that is in part due to people such as yourself, who approach me with ideas and projects they want to collaborate on.

Will you be one of these people?

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