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Executive Coaching

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

As an entrepreneur, manager or director you constantly have challenges. The diversity of challenges and situations that you encounter requires the continuous attention of your mental capacity and creativity. But by doing what you always did, you will achieve the same results that you have always achieved. This is something that you know and that is the reason you are reading this now.

You want to improve your personal leadership

You want to act more effectively and efficiently

You want improved results

And you want your company to grow with you

This is a photograph of Josuël Rogers executive coach pointing at Hef park
This is a photograph of Josuël Rogers executive coach in red shirt at Hef park

I am here to ensure you achieve above and more, by broadening your perspectives and insights during (online) coaching sessions. Using NLP and the knowledge gained in various professional fields I will be asking you powerful questions in order to unlock your maximum potential.  

Are you the entrepreneur, manager or director who wants to take action with an improved mindset and with new perspectives?

First we will have an introductory meeting in order to talk about your preferred outcome and more importantly determine if we are the right match. As optimal results are achieved when we both parties are aligned and comfortable with each other.

When we move forward, you choose one of the below (online) coaching packages


5 coaching sessions
2750 incl VAT


8 coaching sessions


12 coaching sessions

*Online coaching sessions are done via Zoom
*Coaching sessions can be done in: English or Dutch

Which results can you expect?

Improved personal leadership

Improved decision making

Improved results

Insights to patterns and habits

And more!!!

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