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A foundation built on Turbulence

My first working day of 2020 was in the context of new impulses and gaining inspiration. I did this at Museum de Fundatie (The Foundation). Appropriate name, because I used the day to lay the foundation of 2020.

Why a 2 hour trip all the way to Zwolle?

Because I wanted to tranquilly enjoy “Turbulence”, the album / exhibition by Junte Uiterwijk a.k.a Sticks (for the non #HipHop heads the rapper of ASR advertising) & Bart van de Werken a.k.a Kubus.
An innovative concept with the aim of consuming music differently, linked to a social theme that everyone has to deal with.

Just like life, it’s an experience best described as a cycle of contrasts.

I exit the peace that my headphones offer me and start the interaction with the cashier. And then I first enter Sticks’s exhibition:
Where the rest of the museum is light and open, “Turbulence” is dark and enclosed. Very appropriate because what does the world look like when your business or personal endeavors are not going as you envisioned? How do you experience life when things don’t go the way you want?

Most will see and experience life as dark and feel enclosed. Think of someone who is struggling with debts, an entrepreneur who has yet to experience any successes, or a department that knows that a reorganization is on the rise.

Where the rest of the museum is quiet (both visually and audibly) you are overwhelmed with flashing images, hard beats & lyrics about personal and social unrest within “Turbulence”. What can be compared to stepping outside of your comfort and innovation.

Enjoying your comfort zone and maintaining business processes offers the solace that everything is going as expected.
Where true innovation is a noisy process, think of the many meetings full of disagreements, the many ideas that are presented and especially the uncertainties that play a role. The same applies to stepping outside your comfort zone.

"The further you travel, the closer you are to home"

Contrast within “Turbulence” itself is beautifully displayed with 1 “light” path and 2 white spaces at different locations in the exhibition. A nice metaphor for how unrest itself transpires.
During unrest, you mainly see challenges and problems in the beginning. Then comes a moment when you think you have the solution but then it really wasn’t, so you end up in the dark again and what follows is the process towards the actual solution that leads to complete relaxation.

"A moments experience "

Just like life, the entire visit is mainly  peaceful. Sticks’s exhibition is about ¼ of the whole museum, which is nicely in line with how much unrest people normally experience in their lives.
Peace and turmoil are just moments, they are both needed for personal and business growth. Within turmoil you will be forced to innovate and during peace you will have the opportunity to stabilize and reflect

Just like for many, my 2020 will run with the cycle of tranquility & turbulence but ……

"Do I have to worry?"

Thank you for taking the time to explore these ideas with me. If you’re looking to unlock your potential further, then feel free to reach out to me for Life Coaching or Executive/Business coaching. As I would love to support your journey.

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Peace, love, & respect,

Josuël Rogers



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