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My motivation, my mood & my headphones

Over the years my headphones have become my trademark. 8 out of 10 times I have them on or with me. But my positive mood is also one of my trademarks. Rarely will you meet me in a bad mood. Bet you’re wondering how does he pull it off?

The answer lies in different factors combined with trademark number 1, the headphones!

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I listen to various music genres, with my main genres being HipHop, Dancehall and Soca. These genres contain high energy beats and lyrics that keep your mind on being happy, enjoying a party and/or succeeding at your dreams. I use them to set my mood. Here is how music affects your mood

Joyful music triggers our brain to produce  “happy” chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which cause us to feel happy. During my very short stint as a door to door salesman my coach told us how he kept his motivation up when being bombarded with “NO’s”, closed doors and lack of sales. He revealed that he would put on “Adventure time Bacon Panckaes – New York remix” ( Click here and check it out) which would instantly get him back in his happy zone.

These are my top 5 mood setting songs

M.O.P. – Ante up Remix
Machel Montano – Happiest man alive
Bad lip reading – Seagulls! (stop it now)
Dwayne Johnson – You’re welcome
The rolling stones – Paint it black

Did you know Music has several positive influences on not only your mood but also your health?

Besides the mental boost music has been proven to positively affect your physical health Here are examples of how music can keep you healthy and is used in the medical field

  • As there is a connection between the auditory neurons and motor neurons, music is able to increase stimulation. Those who take a run or go the gym with music should be familiar with this phenomenon. It’s the moment when your favourite song comes on and you get an extra energy boost and go harder than you were before.
  • Music stimulates the creation of new pathways and thus rewires the brain itself. This is the reason that it is also used to help victims of brain injury
  • Music is also used to help patients with Alzheimer. Music connects us to our long term memory it activates parts of the brain which are close to the parts linked to emotion, mood and memory. The therapy revolves around having patients listen to songs from their past which triggers the memory of the lyrics and more important the emotional experience connected to it.

Music and networking!

The medical uses are all fine and dandy but making conscious practical use of music is where the magic happens

Did you know music even affects how we interpret faces?

There was a study done where participants would listen to a short piece of music and depending on the tone of the music it would affect how they interpret faces. So depending on the tone of music they would see people’s faces as happy (positive) or sad (negative).  The effect was more pronounced with neutral faces but even a slightly positive interpretation of someone can make it easier to speak to them.

Also simply moving to the rhythm of the music,  helps your motor coordination but more importantly it  boosts your self-confidence. So listening to music on your way to a networking event can help you step through the door brimming with confidence.

So if you want to see some happy faces, confidently approach that one person you been meaning to meet and leave a positive impression, listen to that song which makes you feel awesome!

Do you consciously use music to affect your mood?

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Thank you for taking the time to explore these ideas with me. If you’re looking to unlock your potential further, then feel free to reach out to me for Life Coaching or Executive/Business coaching. As I would love to support your journey.

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Peace, love, & respect,

Josuël Rogers



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