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Do you dare to step outside your comfort zone?

Man is a creature of habit. We all have habits that give us peace of mind, habits that provide us security, habits that just make us feel good. In short, our comfort zone!  I’m constantly working on my personal development, busy trying to find ways to step outside my comfort zone. My new challenge is social media, and especially being visibly active on the different platforms. I “like” articles and posts that pass by, but posting a comment is a part that is outside my comfort zone, and writing this article is already completely outside my comfort zone.

But what do you achieve by stepping out of your comfort zone Josuël and why would I want to do that?

Is perhaps a question that comes to mind. Personally, I regularly need new stimuli and experiences. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I ensure that this need is fulfilled. Maybe you are thinking of changing employers or starting your own business. Maybe you want to completely reeducate yourself to start in a new field. Or maybe you just feel like starting with a weekly exercise tradition. To realize the aforementioned examples, you will have to change your routine. You will have to step outside your current comfort zone.

Over the years I have done several small exercises to broaden my comfort zone before I stepped out completely. Here are some simple exercises that you can use as a warm-up to broaden your comfort zone

  • Brushing your teeth with left (or right for the left-handers among us)
  • Cold showering
  • Take a new route to/from work
  • Listen to other music genres
  • Coming up with small challenges for yourself every day (and doing them of course 😉)

Have you already passed the warm-up?

Do you want to take on the challenge of stepping completely outside your comfort?

Do you want to do that alone or together with your team?

Do you find it a little to exciting, to do this on your own?

Helping people step outside their comfort zone is completely within my comfort zone!

Feel free to contact me and we will see together how I can help you!

Do you have any fun exercises that you do to broaden your comfort zone?

This article originally appeared on my personal LinkedIn page:

Thank you for taking the time to explore these ideas with me. If you’re looking to unlock your potential further, then feel free to reach out to me for Life Coaching or Executive/Business coaching. As I would love to support your journey.

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Peace, love, & respect,

Josuël Rogers



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